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Welcome to C&C COM! We pride ourselves on solid partnerships we built with our clients and suppliers of equipment and solutions, partnerships that are based on openness and our desire to succeed and excel, while establishing the most effective cooperation. C&C Com is ready to implement projects of any degree of complexity in compliance with PTA, Pakistan Engineering council and ITUT quality standard levels, using most up-to-date technologies and most sophisticated and reliable equipment. Test & measurement equipment and licensed and License free IP radios.

 Best Selling Products

C&C COM has great deals in Telecom Test Equipment, Power, Avionics, Media, Datacom, Wireless, Protocol Analyzers, RF Master, Test Equipment, Cable TV test equipment and many more.

Some of our best selling products are listed below. For more information about these products click the name of  the product or the product image. 

  • Optical Power Meter

  • Ki9600
    Optical Power Meter are commonly used to measure absolute light power in dBm.
    RF Master
    RF Master
    The RF Master has all of the measurement functions necessary to verify the site’s antenna.
    SDH Analyzer (hand-held)
    ECFL30 is hand-held instrument is intended to test the quality of telecom cables.
  • Misc

  • MTDR 070 Copper Domain Refelectometer
    Copper time Domain Reflectometer mTDR-070 is highly accurate measuring instrument.
    Cable Avoidance Tool 
    DXL Cable Avoidance Tool is a high performance Locator
    HUXScope & HUXCleaners
    HUXScope: Very useful device to inspect Fiber Optic In-Adaptor. HUXCleaners: Pen Type.
  • Kingfisher

  • FiberSafe Microscope KI 6610
    FiberSafe Microscope is the tool of choice for checking unmated fibre optic connectors.
    KI6150 Clip on identifier
    A clip on fiber identifier is used to identify traffic, or a test tone generated by a source.
    Visual Fault Locator KI6350
    KI 6350 Visual fault locators are used during installation and repair to find faults.
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