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C&C Com's Hot Sale products are listed below. For more information click the name of  the product or products image. Demo is available for all Hot Sale Products. Contact Us for Product Price.
Item Name Product Description Demo Price
RF cable Analyzer
RF Master
RF Master

A large number of abnormal cell site problems are typically caused by the antenna system, cable & connectors or both. More.

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Vector analyzer

The Echo is a handheld Vector Impedance Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR) and Power Meter for measuring antennas, networks, and cables.  More..

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Albedo AT-2048
Hux Cleaner ALBEDO AT.2048 is a rouged, extremly fast, and full-featured field tester designed in 2010 for E1 / Datacom mobile & fixed networks Yes Contact Us
HUX CleanerTM
In-Adaptor Ferrule Cleaner
Hux Cleaner Pen Type: First in the World (Patented), Very usefully device to clean Fiber Optic Ferrule inside of Adaptor in field, Over 500 wipes by one HUX Cleaner, Best Cleaning Effect, Cleaning Cost Save More.. Yes Contact Us





Hot Sale Products List

Sr. # Description Functions Model Manufacturer Country
1 RF cable Analyzer RF Cable  upto 4GHz (Hand held) RF Master A434 Protek GSI Korea
2 Vector analyzer RF Cable and Antenna Tester  VIA ECHO 2500 AEA Tech. USA
3 Field Tester   AT - 2048 Abledo  
4 Fiber Optic Microscope / Inspector
In-Adaptor Ferrule Cleaner
Fiber optic Connector Cleaners HUXCleaners The Fibers South Korea

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