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Virtually Inline (V-Line™) Bypass TAPs

by Network Critical, USA
Virtually Inline (V-Line™) Bypass TAPs

SmartNA™ Chassis:
1. Portable Chassis-For on the fly monitoring- holds one TAP module
2. 1U Aggregating and Filtering Chassis-Enterprise design holds 4 TAP modules, Aggregating backplane allows aggregation across all modules, traffic filtering, full SNMP and web GUI for configuration available
3. 2U High Density Chassis-Built for high density holds up to 12 TAP modules in 2U of rack space, save money, power & rack space by powering the entire unit with only 2 power supplies

SmartNA™ Modules:
1. Virtually Inline (V-Line™) Bypass TAP Modules- Configurable as V-Line™ TAPs, Breakout TAPs, and Aggregating TAPs, and can switch between all three TAP modes without losing network link. Aggregation Mode supports Packet Slicing on the monitoring ports and Packet Injection.
2. Control Modules- Allow users to manage the modules inside of a chassis. By using simple commands over SSH or from the secure web based GUI, the Smart Network Access System is easily configurable to achieve duplication, aggregation, filtering or to perform other administrative functions

SmartNA™ Chassis

SmartNA™ Aggregating, Regenerating, & Filtering 1U Modular Chassis

The aggregating backplane on the 1U chassis allows you to aggregate data from up to four modular TAPs for output to one monitoring port. The interchangeable, fully configurable modular TAPs allow total flexibility and complete access to your datacenter.

SmartNA™ High Density 2U Chassis

The SmartNA™ High Density 2U Chassis supports the highest density of modular TAPs on the market, while still providing the flexibility needed for today’s ever-changing datacenter.

SmartNA™ Portable Chassis

Perfect for on-the-fly troubleshooting, the SmartNA™ Portable Chassis holds any one of the SmartNA™ modules.

SmartNA™ Module

SmartNA™ V-Line™ (Bypass) TAP Modules

These flexible TAPs give you the ability to monitor your network with an inline device while giving without introducing a failure point into your network.

SmartNA™ System Controller Modules

For use with the SmartNA™ 1U or 2U Chassis, the SmartNA™ System Controller Modules provide remote management via CLI, Web-based Interface and SNMP, and additional monitoring ports.

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