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AT10.1 / AT30 Microprocessor Controlled Battery Chargers

by Eagle Eye, USA
AT10.1 / AT30 Microprocessor Controlled Battery Chargers

AT10.1 / AT30 Microprocessor Controlled Battery Chargers:

Stationary float battery chargers and rectifiers are produced with a combination of advanced technology microprocessor control and performance-engineered modular construction. Chargers are easy to set-up, operate, and maintain. Chargers are customized based on current and voltage requirements. All stationary float battery chargers have a five year warranty - providing unbeatable quality and protection. Stationary float battery chargers are commonly used in the following industries: utilities & telecommunications, manufacturing, uninterrupted power systems (UPS), transportation, and many more.


  • 5 Year Product Warranty
  • Universal main control board operates in any AT Series charger
  • Alarm assembly with local LEDs and summary relay contact for AC Failure,
    DC Failure, High VDC, Low VDC, Positive(+) and Negative(-) ground fault
  • AC input and DC output circuit breakers
  • High DC voltage shutdown
  • Forced load share during parallel operation
  • Front panel controls can be disabled for security

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