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BDL-Series Battery Data Loggers

by Eagle Eye, USA
BDL-Series Battery Data Loggers

BDL-Series Battery Data Loggers:

Battery Data Logging Kits (BDL-Series) are designed for battery data logging of cell voltage, string voltage, string current and ambient temperature. This innovative design allows the units to be used as a stand-alone data logger to reflect battery health. BDL-Kits can also be used with Eagle Eye’s DC Load Bank Series. The BDL-Series is customizable to work with your battery system requirements, from 12V to 450V with easy expansion for all UPS battery systems. Cell DACs monitor the voltage of each cell. With built-in wireless communication module, value of cell voltage is received directly in a PC. The string DAC monitors string voltage, string current and ambient temperature. Each string DAC will come with a customized current sensor for testing string current.


  • Simultaneously monitor cell voltage, string voltage, string current and ambient temperature
  • Lightweight modular DAC design for easy installation and operation
  • Tests 1.2V, 2V, 6V, and 12V Batteries
  • Magnetic contact points for mounting to battery or rack
  • Directly powered by battery, no need for extra power supply
  • One DAC connects to multiple batteries - saving time and money
  • Wireless communication between battery string and BDL DataView Software for data management
  • Monitoring interval is programmed by user for real-time monitoring results and report generation

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