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Broadband Bonding Service

by Mushroom Network, Canada
Broadband Bonding Service

Broadband Bonding Service is an optional Internet bonding service with monthly subscription that enables BBNA devices with the uplink bonding capability for any type of Internet traffic for both http and non-http (downlink bonding at packet granularity and uplink aggregation at session granularity are already built into all BBNA devices that operate in standalone mode and this standalone mode does not require Broadband Bonding Service). Plug in any Internet connection from any ISP and the Broadband Bonding Service will add uplink bonding for a faster and more reliable Internet connection. Without this optional service, BBNA devices will function in standalone mode that has http downlink bonding capability and session based aggregation for all other traffic types.

Broadband Bonding Service can be used in conjunction with Truffle Lite, Truffle and Portabella as an Internet bonding service


Acceleration - The optional Internet bonding service (Broadband Bonding Service) enables uplink bonding, therefore with BBS all traffic is aggregated for faster transfer via the Broadband Bonding(TM) technology. Even in cases of single session, all Internet access lines are simultaneously combined together to provide a faster data transfer. Pictured below is a Truffle device bonding 6 Internet access modems

Improved network reliability - With the Internet bonding service, automatic failover is provided for all types of traffic, so that failure of one or more access lines will not cause failure of the aggregated access line, as long as at least one access line is still active. Additionally, Automated Domain Name Service (ADNS) optimization is used to maximize the utility of all active access lines. This translates to both better performance and less downtime for your local network.

Accelerated VPN access for telecommuters - With Broadband Bonding Service, remote access to the office servers are served through the bonded Internet access lines at the office. This provides a much faster VPN access for telecommuters.

Link failure recovery - In case of Internet access line failures, the link failure recovery engine will recover the on-going session via redistributing the remaining load over the available access lines even for the Internet sessions in progress, completely shielding the negative effects of a link failure from the users behind BBNA.

Accelerated branch office communication - Any Internet session (including VPN sessions) between headquarter and branch offices will be able to use the bonded Internet pipe at the headquarter office (or at any of the branch offices if that branch office also has a Truffle installed). This creates a fast and reliable bonded Internet pipe between offices.

Transparent installation – For installing Truffle with Broadband Bonding Service (the optional uplink bonding service), your existing Local Area Network does not require any changes. All the installation and configuration can be handled through Truffle's web-based management interface.

No coordination with ISP - With the Truffle, no new equipment or software is necessary from your Internet Service Provider(s). A user-friendly web-based management interface is provided for quick and easy configuration and system monitoring.

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