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Cable Finder Digital Test & Trace Kit, Model 301

by Kurth Electronic
Cable Finder Digital Test & Trace Kit, Model 301

Rugged Cable Finder Test & Trace Kit, Model KE301

The KE301 Cable Finder is a rugged Test & Trace Kit that includes as standard features like a probe with a quick-change 110-block tip, headlight and headset jack. The Tester finds voltage, short circuits and sends any of four powerful tracing tones. 2-year warranty.


  • Probably the best Cable Test & Trace Kit on the market for the price.
  • Easy to use, top features, rugged and warranted for 2 years. A reliable outstanding value.

Technical Features:

  • Five +12 dBm tracing tones selectable from the front panel:
  • SOLID 1000 Hz
    ALT 1000/800 Hz
    SOLID 2600 Hz
    ALT 2600/1900 Hz
    SOLID 577.5 Hz (Special US Telco Frequency)

  • Modular plug is safe with both RJ11 and RJ45 size jacks.
  • Probe headlight comes on when the trace button is down, and is color-correct.
  • Probe has advanced 60 Hz power hum rejection.
  • Both units use one 9 V battery (not included).
  • Both units are weather-resistant.

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