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Cat Tracker™ Test & Trace Kit

by Kurth Electronic
Cat Tracker™ Test & Trace Kit

Cat Tracker™ for Ethernet LAN Cabling, Model KE701

The Cat Tracker™ Test & Trace Kit represents a new generation from the older telephone industry tracers -- with LAN testing capability, new safety features and rugged design.


  • The KE720 and KE310 probe found in the KE701 kit are next generation Test & Trace devices that go beyond the older telephone-generation tracing products.

     - Tool-box durability

     - Weather and crush resistance

     - 500 V foreign voltage rating with audible/visible warning

     - LAN sensing and tracking

     - Live tone trace right up to the hub or switch

     - Audible resistance checking

     - Battery saver

Technical Features:

  • The Tester will not be damaged by accidental connection of up to 500 V when tracing
  • These weather and crush resistant units are warranted for two years.
  • KE720 Tester senses Ethernet termination and blinks the Link LED at the switch as an alternative to tone tracing.
  • Four +10 dBm tracing tones can be selected from the front panel:
    577 Hz, 2600 Hz, 880/1000 Hz, 1900/2600 Hz
  • Battery saver selectable on the Tester.
  • Headlight and headset jack standard on the KE310 probe.
  • Probe's fine tip will reach into 110 terminal blocks.

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