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DC-Series Battery Discharger / Charger

by Eagle Eye, USA
DC-Series Battery Discharger / Charger

DC-Series Battery Discharger / Charger:

Eagle Eye’s Battery Discharger / Charger line offers an all-in-one solution for battery maintenance for utilities, telecoms and other industries where critical power is maintained. The Battery Discharger / Charger has many functions for all-in-one maintenance including 3-phase charging, constant current discharging, cell test and battery activation. By charging and discharging the same battery string, the unit will simplify testing and maintenance of your battery banks! The units are lightweight, portable and convenient to use at many different locations. Optional “DAC” packages for the battery discharger / chargers enable real –time PC monitoring for each battery cell during discharge, allowing you to know the true health and voltage of each cell! Battery management software is included to analyze the discharge test results and easily save & create reports. The Discharger/Charger is used for all standby and power batteries at 1.2V, 2V, 6V and 12V.


  • Multiple models to meet voltage & current requirements
  • Optional DAC Package allows for wireless monitoring of battery cells during test
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Multi-conditions for auto-stop: time out, maximum capacity, minimum voltage threshold (for battery or string)
  • Lag-out batteries can be activated to enhance performance
  • Over voltage protection and under voltage warning function
  • Thermal Protection, auto stop in overheating and auto start in normal temperature
  • PTC Ceramic Resistor

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