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FCA-10 CWDM Analyzer

by FiberCASA., China
FCA-10 CWDM Analyzer

FCA-10 CWDM Analyzer:

FCA-10 handheld CWDM Analyzer is specially designed for CWDM installation, maintenance and troubleshooting, which is able to measure and monitor power values of 10 CWDM channels. FCA-10 can replace highcost.

Spectrometers can conduct quick and reliable measurements in all environments. With the light, compact, sturdy design and high performance, FCA-10 is the ideal tool for CWDM installation and maintenance.


  • Hand-held , more compact and easy to operate
  • TFT LCD display
  • 10 CH wavelength testing : 1431nm~1611nm
  • Histogram or list data display modes
  • Able to work as the normal power meter
  • Inner timing system
  • Threshold configuration : able to preset threshold value
  • Data Transfer to PC via USB
  • Back light function
  • 10 hours continuous work
  • Data storage & download

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