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Fixed Products

by Network Critical, USA
Fixed Products

Fixed Breakout network TAPs provide a safe and simple way to access live network traffic and provide copies to separate monitoring ports. In a full-duplex network link, a Breakout network TAP will passively copy the live traffic, separate it into RX and TX streams, and send a copy to two monitoring ports, one for each direction of traffic. This ensures a complete copy of network traffic for your monitoring tools without the risk of packet loss.

The integrity of your live network is paramount. That’s why Network Critical Breakout TAPs feature fail-safe technologies to preserve the flow of live traffic. LinkLock is featured on all 10/100 Copper TAPs and all Fiber Optic TAPs in our Breakout TAP range. LinkLock ensures that the live network link will never fail, even if the TAP suffers a power outage.

Breakout TAPs are available in a full range of network media and port densities to suit your deployment requirements. From portable units for strategic deployment into a single network to high density units for infrastructure deployment in the wiring cabinet, Network Critical has a solution that will fit seamlessly into your data center.

Copper 10/100 Breakout Enterprise TAP

Network Critical’s enterprise Copper Breakout TAPs offer a permanent solution for adding Access Technology into your datacenter.

Copper 10/100 Breakout Portable TAP

The NCT301 Portable Copper Breakout TAP from Network Critical is THE portable solution for quickly troubleshooting your network traffic.

Slimline Fiber Optic Breakout TAP

These ultra-thin TAPs have the highest density for a TAP on the market, with 16 TAPs available in a 1U high space.

1U Integrated 24 TAP System

These ultra-thin TAPs have the highest density for a TAP on the market, with 24 TAPs available in a 1U high space.

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