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GFL-1000 Ground Fault Locator

by Eagle Eye, USA
GFL-1000 Ground Fault Locator

GFL-1000 Ground Fault Locator:

The GFL-1000 ground fault locator is an essential instrument to pinpoint faulty grounding where electrical cables have breakage and lost to the ground. The unit deals with current leakage of DC systems with high resistance. The GFL-1000 is built based on years of field experience in different DC systems to fast-detect, track and locate virtual grounding faults. The GFL-1000 ground fault locator provides accurate solutions for troubleshooting and preventative maintenance, increasing the reliability of electrical equipment. Fast localization and elimination of grounding faults is critical for electricians and service technicians trying to increase reliability. The GFL-1000 has a compact and rugged design which makes it easy to use in small places and harsh environments.


  • Patented technology, pinpoint current leakage fault with grounding resistance lower than 1MΩ
  • Adjustable output frequency on signal receiver effectively avoids interference from DC system itself
  • Signal receiver with adjustable sensitivity in different location of circuit help judge current leakage quickly
  • Ground fault location can be done with the system online
  • Waveform analysis will analyze the interference signal in the circuit
  • Wide output voltage and output frequency ranges allow the GFL-1000 to meet the needs of your electronic equipment
  • Reflects the aging status - reducing maintenance and repair costs

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