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HUXScope & HUXCleaners (Fiber optic Connector Cleaners)

by The Fibers, South Korea
HUXScope & HUXCleaners

HUX ScopeTM  Fiber Optic Microscope / Inspector

Special Features

  • Very usefull device to inspect Fiber Optic In-Adaptor Ferrule in field
  • One handed operation
  • Wide 5.6” TFT LCD Monitor
  • Low Price but good capacity
  • Foldable Monitor and adjustable Angle
  • Easy charging by AC 110/220V
  • Save Data on PC by USB device
  • Brightness & Contrast adjustable
  • Easy and usage by setup
  • Anti-slip Grip design and Easy Focus
  • Complied with RoHS
  • CE/FCC approved

HUX CleanerTM   In-Adaptor Ferrule Cleaner

Special Features

  • Pen Type: First in the World (Patented)
  • Very usefully device to clean Fiber Optic Ferrule inside of Adaptor in field
  • Over 500 wipes by one HUX Cleaner
  • Best Cleaning Effect
  • Cleaning Cost Save
  • No need to open the Frame to clean the Ferrule inside of Adaptor
  • Uses advanced cleaning fabric which has better suction oil and dust than present swabs
  • Easy and Simple and Pocket Portable
  • Windows for showing the remain cleaning times
  • Any customer size ferrule/stub available like Transceiver, LEMO, E2000..

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