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iPQMS Battery Monitoring System

by Eagle Eye, USA
iPQMS Battery Monitoring System

iPQMS Battery Monitoring System:

The iPQMS Battery Monitoring System is designed to measure the aging status of up to 448 jars (or 448 cells) by measuring and recording: string voltage and current, as well as jar/cell voltage, internal resistance, connection resistance and temperature.

The iPQMS is the premier battery monitoring system in Eagle Eye’s IBwatch Series. It ensures backup power systems are optimally maintained in large-scale environments. The iPQMS is the main processing unit that measures up to 448 jars (or 448 cells) utilizing up to seven Relaying Units(RU). Each RU connects up to 64 jars (or 64 cells) and captures data from these batteries and sends it to the MPU in real-time. The iPQMS can be used over a private network via TCP/IP, or communicated with RS232, RS422, RS485, with SMS/Email alerts, or through third-party software integration including Modbus and SNMP. Flexible expanding solutions allow multiple iPQMS units to monitor all your systems in real-time.


  • 24/7/365 Battery Monitoring
  • Installation and maintenance can be done while battery systems are online
  • Meets IEEE and NERC standard recommendations for battery monitoring
  • Utilizes a patented ripple-removing algorithm for the most precise and repeatable measurements in any environment
  • Injects <2A current on the battery system
  • Simple to install with custom, pre-assembled installation materials
  • Alerts in realtime during outbreak
  • Can be powered by AC or DC

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