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K-18  2, 3, 4 G  Protocol Analyzer

(by Tektronix, USA)
K18  Protocol Analyzer

Probe Hardware Platform for the UTRAN Network and Service Analyzer Software

The NSA solution combines a new probe-based UTRAN hardware platform with the UTRAN Network and Service Analyzer suite of software applications to provide a completely scalable solution, starting from a single STM-1/OC-3 bidirectional link (stand-alone probe) to a high number of links (multi-probe), to address the varied needs of network operators and equipment manufacturers. The K18 hardware probe, combined with a PC platform, enables customers to minimize acquisition costs and obtain the high-speed performance they need.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides a Completely Scalable Platform, Starting from a Single STM-1/OC-3 Bi-directional Link (Stand-alone Probe) to a High Number of Links (Multi-probe), to Meet Every Budget Requirement and Performance for the Most Demanding Technical Needs
  • Offers Excellent Portability for Most Field Installation and Maintenance Activities, and Reliable Rack Mounted Stationary Monitoring for Test Plant, Operation and Maintenance, and Network Optimization Activities
  • Offers Data Analysis at Full Line Rate, High-performance Data Capturing for Immediate Realtime Analysis or Subsequent Offline Investigations, and State-of-the-Art HW Filters for Data Reduction
  • Offers Time Synchronization Between Different Probes Via a Dedicated Cable Enabling Multiinterface, Multi-protocol, UTRAN Delay-sensitive Measurements and Applications Flexible and Dynamic Product Configuration and Licensing Scheme Support Optimal Allocation of Resources and Improve Asset Efficiency
  • Applications

  • Field Support Personnel of UMTS Network Operators and UMTS Network Equipment Manufacturers Who Need to Perform Basic Protocol Analysis Tasks on a Low Number of Network Interfaces, both in the Lab and in the Field
  • Test Engineers Working in Test Plants of Network Operators and in the Lab of Network Equipment Manufacturers who Need to Verify the Functionality and the Performance of UMTS Network Elements for New Protocol Versions and Interfaces
  • Operation and Maintenance Technicians of UMTS Network Operators who Need to Perform Reactive Maintenance and Trouble Ticket Resolution at RNC Sites
  • Network Optimization Technicians and Quality Department Technicians of UMTS Network Operators who Need to Perform Proactive Network Optimization Activities at RNC Sites.

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