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KI 6350 Visual Fault Locator

by Kingfisher
KI 6350 Fault Locator

Visual fault locators are used during installation and repair to find faults, check continuity, verify a signal path and identify a fiber. Tests all single mode, multimode and plastic fibers.

  • Very simple to use
  • Durable IP67 rated waterproof and drop resistant construction
  • Eye-safe Class 2 laser device with 0.6 mW or -2.2 dBm typical power output
  • Uses two AAA batteries
  • LC connector adpator options
  •  Also available in convenient Test Kits.

Style λ Emission Connector Power
KI 6351 Pen 635 nm Pulsed 2.5 mm 2xAAA 40 hrs
KI 6352 Pen 635 nm Pulsed 1.25 mm 2xAAA 40 hrs

Alternatively, we offer a visual fault finders either as as a Pocket Fiber Source, or conveniently integrated with an Optical Power Meter

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