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KI 6790 SERIES - Mobile Testing Platform / OTDR

by Kingfisher
KI 6790 SERIES Mobile Testing Platform / OTDR

    KI 6790 series Mobile Testing Platform / OTDR is designed to solve all measurement tasks when installing optical fiber communication links. It is a universal measurement device consisting of basic operation module with a built-in colour display and a wide range of replacement measurement modules.


  • Optical reflectometer (OTDR)
  • units with standard and high dynamic range
  • automation of the measurement process
  • dead zone when events are located is less than 3.5 meter
  • to initiate measurements by pressing one button
  • Electric cables reflectometer (TDR)
  • Optical spectrograph (OSA)
  • Polar mode dispersion analyser (PMD)
  • Chromatic dispersion analyser (CD)


  • Functions as OTDR and Laser source
  • Multiple wavelength testing
  • Belcore/Telcordia GR-196 SOR type 1, 1.1 & 2 format compliance.
  • Software developed on the basis of LINUX OS, which increases the reliability of the device
  • Store 500 traces in the memory of the device
  • Remote control via built-in ETHERNET port
  • Small size and low weight, low power consumption
  • Rugged metal case, which corresponds to the IP40 standard
  • Rich colour high resolution TouchScreen
  • USB-B port for external devices connection
  • USB-A port for flash memory stick
  • 6 hours operation with internal Ni-MH battery
  • Advanced and automatic measurement modes cater for the experienced and beginner user
  • 2 year warranty

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