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KI 9600A Series Pocket Fiber Meters

by Kingfisher
KI 9600 Series Pocket Fiber Meters

The inexpensive KI 9600A Shirt-Pocket Fiber Meter is a simple and reliable power meter for testing power and loss on all types of fiber optic systems. It provides high accuracy and simplicity of use.

  • 9 traceable calibration wavelengths with 2% accuracy
  • Very small size, intuitive to use, rugged & reliable
  • 300 hr alkaline battery life
  • 3 year warranty and calibration cycle
  • dBm / dB / mW display, 0.01 dB resolution
  • Display hold, max/min recording,
  • Tone detector and Multi-Fiber ID function
  • Economical matching Pocket Fiber Source
  • Detector options Options for 400 - 1700 nm, +24 to -70 dBm, small and large core fiber:

  • InGaAs detector option for typical single mode & multimode applications
  • High power detector option up to +24 dBm
  • Ge detector option for economical general testing
  • Wavelength selective WS option for FTTx / PON applications
  • Large area detector XL option for POF, MT-RJ, MPO & ribbon fiber, expanded beam connectors etc

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