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Laser TracePlus - Fiber & Copper Cable Finder and Test Kit, Model 801

by Kurth Electronic
Laser Trace™ Plus - Fiber & Copper Cable Finder and Test Kit, Model 801

KE801 Laser Tracer™ Plus Multi-media Cable Test & Trace Kit

The KE801 Laser Tracer™ Plus is a multi-media test and trace kit that represents a long-overdue update from older style telephone tracers. Adding ruggedness and enhanced safety to all of the classic functions of test & trace products, the KE801 has an Ethernet detect-and-blink function, an F-connector for coax and a fiber-optic visual fault locator (VFL). With a 650 nm ANSI Class II laser the VFL is perfect for identifying fiber cables and finding broken fibers.  Everything runs off of one 9 V battery.


  • The KE801 represents part of a new generation beyond older telephone-style tracers.
  • This kit can test and identify twisted pair, coax and fiber optic cables

Technical Features:

  • Four selectable +10 dBm tones for tracing
    577 Hz, 2600 Hz, 880/1000 Hz, 1900/2600 Hz
  • Transmit range: 10 miles on an open pair
  • Coax connection: Threaded F-type
  • Fiber-optic connection: 2.5 mm metal ferrule
  • Optical output of VFL: 650 nm ANSI Class II with a 10 km range
  •     Laser source modes - steady, flashing, modulated 270 or 1,000 Hz

  • Low battery indication: 100 ms wink of Tone LED
  • Battery type for both units: 9 V (not included)
  • Probe headlight: color correct LED

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