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MC-Series Universal Maintenance Chargers

by Eagle Eye, USA
MC-Series Universal Maintenance Chargers

MC-Series Universal Maintenance Chargers:

Eagle Eye’s Maintenance Charger (MC-Series) is used in a wide-variety of applications for portable battery charging solutions. The MC-Series is used in many industries including power utilities (generation & distribution), telecommunications, motive power, oil & gas, and other stationary battery applications. Use the MC-Series to charge a new battery bank that does not have a stationary charger, to easily charge a battery bank after a load test, or charge batteries that are in storage. The MC-Series can also be used when the existing stationary battery charger is malfunctioning or needing replacement. Eagle Eye Battery Maintenance Chargers can be used as backup power in case of a DC charge malfunction. The MC-Series has a rugged design so it can be easily transported from multiple facilities. The unit charges any battery 24V to 130V.


  • Adjustable outputs of 24, 48, & 130 VDC
  • Wide voltage adjustment allow s user to charge virtually any number of cells from 20V to 140 VDC
  • Mounted on hand truck for immediate mobility with lifting eyes
  • AC input accepts 120, 208, 240 or 480 VAC at 60Hz, single phase
  • 2% analog ammeter for monitoring ac input current
  • Input circuit breaker
  • 1% digital DC output ammeter
  • Front panel current limit adjustment allows operation on limited input
  • 200mVrms max ripple allows the charger to operate

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