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MSA 4043 40G Test Module (NIC Platform)

(by Digital Lightwave)
Network Information Computer (SDH, PDH, SONET & ATM Analyzer)

A NIC with MSA 4043 module (Multi-Service Analyzer - 40/43G) is the industry’s smallest/lightest 40/43G test solution. NIC Plus / NIC EP can optionally support dual 40/43G testing or provide 1.5M to 43G & Ethernet test in one chassis.

The MSA 4043 (40/43G) Testing Module establishes a new industry benchmark for 40/43G testing. The compact NIC 40G chassis, with a single module, is the industry’s smallest and lightest 40/43G solution. In the NIC Plus or NIC EP chassis, the 40/43G module can be combined with other modules providing 1.5M to 43G PDH/T-Carrier, SONET, SDH, OTN, ATM plus Ethernet 10M-10G in a single chassis.

Key Features

  • Smallest, lightest solution for 40/43G testing in NIC 40G chassis
  • Support for OTU-3 with multiplexing facility *
  • All-in-one solution for 1.5Mbps - 43Gbps testing + Ethernet 10/100/1000/GigE/10GigE and NextGeneration (VCAT/LCAS/GFP) testing, when combined with additional modules in NIC Plus chassis
  • NRZ, Duo-Binary, DPSK and DQPSK line coding options available to support both line-side and client-side testing
  • Has all the benefits of being part of the NIC family, including three-year warranty, free 24-hour technical support and multi-user remote GUI

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