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MTDR-070 Copper time Domain Reflectometer

(by Nano-Tronix)
MTDR-070 Copper time Domain Reflectometer

NanoTronix Copper time Domain Reflectometer (Model No.: mTDR-070) is highly accurate portable measuring instrument based on TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) technology that analyzes the physical characteristics of cables consisting of at least two metallic conductors. It can analyzes or test a variety of cable conditions and faults from a remote distance such as complete open& short, partial open & short, loading coils, loose connection, broken lines and faulty impedance etc..

NanoTronix Copper time Domain Reflectometer can effectively be utilized in a variety of the cable environments including telephone lines, high-speed communication lines, CATV lines, power distribution lines, UTP cables (CAT 3, 4, 5, 5e & 6) etc..

The instrument displays the measurement/test results in graphic and tabular forms through a large-sized graphic LCD screen with 320x240 pixel resolution.
By providing separate keys for some frequently used functions and incorporating intuitive easy-to-use menu for other functions, users can handle it without much difficulty.
With large internal memory and a serial communication port, users can store up to 100 waveforms in the instrument and download them to computers for analyzing with the specially developed PC software (NanoWave).

With high accuracy as well as user-friendly features, NanoTronix Copper time Domain Reflectometer is an excellent instrument for cable installation, maintenance & repair crew.

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