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MXT Transmitter

by C.Scope, UK
MXT Transmitter

The C.Scope MXT Transmitter is the ideal accompaniment to the MXL Locator. The range of operating frequencies and adjustable power output is designed to make the MXL and MXT combination an extremely versatile pipe and cable locator that can tackle many varied locating tasks.

The MXT is specifically designed to detect, trace and identify specific buried pipes and cables reliably and accurately, even in the most congested areas.

Used together, the MXL and MXT Transmitter provide outstanding locating performance whilst remaining is truly a 'pick-up-and-go' locating package. ANYONE who has used a Cable Avoidance Tool in the past will be able to use the MXL and MXT and benefit from the higher performance provided.

The MXT Transmitter features four adjustable power levels and has three times the power output of some other Signal Generators, providing longer distance tracing. If you are working in high interference situations, you can switch the MXT from the standard 'continuous output' mode to a 'pulsed' mode to cut out the noise and keep you working.

The MXT Transmitter offers a choice of three frequencies to suit any job. Use 33KHz for most applications, 8KHz for longer distance tracing and the ultra-low 512Hz/640Hz for specialist tracing.


  • Four adjustable power level settings.
  • Up to three times the power output of other Signal Generators.
  • Choice of three frequencies to suit all requirements; 33kHz, 8kHz and 512Hz or 640Hz.
  • Both a continuous and pulsed signal output.
  • Designed to apply a signal by 'direct connection' or by 'induction' from the surface.
  • Clear LCD screen displays selected functions, power level settings and the all important battery condition.
  • Typical battery life of up to 30 hours in normal use.
  • Supplied with Direct Connection leads, Auxiliary Earth Lead, Connection Magnets and earth Stake.
  • Incorporates its own Accessories Compartment that can carry the standard accessories and also a Signal Clamp, Signal Injector and Sonde if required.
  • Supplied with weatherproofed and easy to read instruction manual.

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