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by Net Optics Incorporated, USA

Director models are available with up to four 10-Gbps XFP ports which can be used as network or monitor connections; and one or two Director Network Modules (DNMs), each providing 6 in-line links or 12 Span ports, supporting Gigabit SX Fiber or 10/100/1000 Copper media. All Director models include 10 1-Gbps SFP monitoring ports for Fiber or Copper tools. A dedicated 10/100/1000 Management port, a local RS-232 CLI port, and dual redundant power supply modules make Director easy to install, highly reliable, and quick to deliver value.

Aggregation, Regeneration, and Switching:

Director provides one-to-one, many-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many mappings of network links and Span ports to monitor ports. In other words, traffic from any network links and Span ports can be aggregated into a single stream and copied to any one monitoring port; in addition, the same aggregated traffic stream can be copied to more than one monitoring port at the same time, enabling different groups to monitor the same data with conflicts. Multiple different aggregations and regenerations can operate simultaneously, without interfering with each other either functionally or causing slow-downs. Director aggregates, regenerates, switches, and filters traffic completely at line speed, even for fully-utilized 10-Gbps ports.

TapFlow™ Filtering:

High-speed, multi-protocol aggregated traffic streams can be challenging for monitoring tools to handle. Often tools use front-end pre-filters simply to strip off traffic-of-interest, such as VoIP traffic for a VoIP performance analysis tool, while discarding the rest of the packets. This simple-sounding operation can consume a significant amount of a tool’s processing power because it must handle every single packet on the wire.

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