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Optical Power Meter

by Kingfisher

Optical power meters are commonly used to measure absolute light power in dBm. For dBm measurement of light transmission power, traceable calibration of fiber optic power meters is essential. A fiber optic power meter is also used with an optical light source for measuring loss or relative power level in dB. All Kingfisher hand held optical power meters are coloured blue for easy identification, have interchangeable connectors, long battery life, traceable calibration certificates, 3 year warranty & calibration cycle. Kingfisher also offers a traceable optical meter calibration service. Also available in convenient F O Test Kits.

KI 9600 Series Shirt-Pocket Fiber Meter

    NEW KI 9600A Series Shirt-Pocket Fiber Meter

  • Inexpensive, very small, intuitive to use, rugged & reliable
  • 300 hr alkaline battery life
  • High contrast display
  • 2 % accuracy & 9 calibrated λ
  • Options for 400 - 1700 nm, +24 to -70 dBm, SMF, MMF and large core (0.2 - 3 mm) fiber
  • Wavelength Selective version for FTTx / PON / GPON applications

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