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OTS Series Optical Talk Set

by FiberCASA., China
 OTS Series Optical Talk Set

OTS Series Optical Talk Set

Fibercasa provides handheld durable optical talk set. The dynamic range of OTS-4 is 50dB at 1550nm. The high dynamic range ensures the quality of voice and long distance transmission.

Why should we use the optical talk set? In some remote areas, the mobile phone may be out of service and tow operators, who are laying down a optical cable for optical network, have to have a conversation, in these situations, the talk set is essential. With the talk set the two operators can have a conversation via a intact optical fiber. It is easy and reliable.


  • Power- saving design , long - time operation
  • Articulate voice, low background noise
  • Judgmatical calling function 32 steps volume control
  • Low-power alarm
  • Maximum dynamic range 50dB@1550nm for long distance communication
  • Able to be used as a steady laser source

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