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OWS-2400 WiFi Mesh Radios (Outdoor)

Strix Systems Inc, USA
OWS-2400 WiFi Mesh Radios (Outdoor)

OWS is the most secure mesh networking system available, with the tools to authenticate users, encrypt wireless traffic, and monitor network activity all provided as standard features. Secure private networks can operate in tandem with open public access networks—with data integrity guaranteed. The award winning Access/One® Outdoor Wireless System (OWS) Series is the industry’s highest throughput, lowest latency modular multi-radio mesh networking system. Utilizing Strix DMATM, the Access/One OWS delivers multiradio, multi-RF and multi-channel capabilities using advanced algorithms to deliver high throughput over multiple hops from the core to the edge of the network. The OWS intelligently self-tunes, self-configures and self-heals to optimize the overall performance and availability. The OWS architecture makes 802.11 a full duplex technology, moving traffic more efficiently through the network and utilizing different RF frequencies and channels for network connectivity and client access. RF Channels are selected dynamically, making the network more resilient to interference than standard mesh networks. Working closely together, these features deliver the highest throughput and lowest latency across multiple hops, supporting real time voice, video, and data applications. Access/One Network OWS is an ideal solution for carriers, service providers, municipalities, public safety, government applications and more.

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