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SCR/SCRF Stationary Float Battery Chargers

by Eagle Eye, USA
SCR/SCRF Stationary Float Battery Chargers

SCR/SCRF Stationary Float Battery Chargers:

The SCR/SCRF Stationary Float Battery Chargers are designed to automatically control charging rates for a wide-variety of battery types and to simultaneously provide full-rated output for continuous and intermittent DC loads. The SCR/SCRF Chargers are constant voltage devices with automatic current limiting. Voltage regulation and current limiting are controlled by solid-state integrated circuitry to assure maximum performance in a minimum space. The SCR / SCRF battery chargers are ideally suited for utility, communications and other stationary charger applications.

The SCR/SCRF stationary float battery chargers come in four different cabinet styles based on current and voltage requirements. Each unit comes complete with analog SCR control, single and three phase inputs, and the potential for customizable design architecture. Output voltages


  • Analog SCR control rectification
  • Single & three phase inputs
  • AC input and DC output circuit breakers
  • AC and DC Surge Suppressors
  • DC Output Ammeter and Voltmeter
  • Manual Float/Equalize Switch
  • Float and Equalize Adjustment Potentiometers
  • Current Limit Adjustment Potentiometer
  • DC Output Blocking Diode
  • DC Output Protection Diode
  • Color-Coded Internal Wiring
  • Numerous Optional Accessories for complete customization

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