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SG-Ultra Digital Hydrometer/Density Meter

by Eagle Eye, USA
SG-Ultra Digital Hydrometer/ Density Meter

SG-Ultra Digital Hydrometer/Density Meter:

The SG-Ultra digital hydrometer/density meter offers 99.999% accurate, temperature compensated specific gravity, density, and density-related values. Select from multiple units of measure to suit your measurement needs or create custom user-defined requirements. Results include sample identification, measurement unit, temperature correction coefficient, instrument identification and date & time. Results can be downloaded to a printer or PC easily. Reliable results appear in just 3 seconds - just immerse the sampling tube, pull the trigger, and read the final result. Trend results with included management software. The SG-Ultra is commonly used for battery testing (lead-acid & Ni-cad), alcohol and food testing, petroleum testing, and other custom density tests.


  • Accurate 99.999% Accurate
  • User-Friendly Compact, lightweight, and allows for one-hand measurement.
    Large LCD display screen with backlight.
  • Robust Rugged, comes with protective carrying case. Sustains tough field
    environments with leakproof housing
  • Wireless Communication Infared data interface for data exchange with a PC
    and data export to a printer (data transfer accessories included).
  • Efficient Storage of up to 100 sample IDs for easy identification. Storage of
    up to 20 measuring methods. Stores up to 1,024 total measurement results
    including timestamp and sample ID.
  • Reliable CE Compliant and One Year Warranty

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