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SGA/ V Signal Generator GREY

by C.Scope, UK
SGA/ V Signal Generator GREY

A C.Scope SGA or SGV Signal Generator is a vital accompaniment to a C.Scope CXL or DXL Cable Avoidance Tool and significantly increases the number of buried services that can be detected.

The 33kHz SGA or SGV Signal Generator can energise a buried metal pipe or cable either by 'direct connection' to the target pipe or cable or the simpler 'induction' method from above ground.

Direct Connection allows specific pipes or cables to be individually traced, identified and their depths measured, whilst use of the Induction method allows previously unknown metal pipes of cables to be detected and traced.

The SGA Signal Generator has a power output of up to 0.3 Watt whilst the SGV Signal Generator boats a class leading ONE WATT POWER OUTPUT to provide longer distance tracing.

The SGV Signal Generator has Four position power level adjustment so YOU control how much power to use and when. The SGA Signal Generator enables you to toggle between a high & low setting.

Both the SGA and SGV offer the choice of a Pulsed or Continuous signal output. Switch to the Pulsed Mode, at the push of a button in high interference situations and keep on tracing.

The SGA and SGV Signal Generators have a clear audible signal output to indicate when they are in operation and also feature an inbuilt mute control. The SGV has a Multi-segment Liquid Crystal Display that provides clear information about the functions selected. The display also shows the all important battery condition so you always know exactly how much battery life you have at your disposal.


  • Digital display (SG-V only)
  • Variable power outputs
  • Long battery life
  • Industry standard 33kHz transmitting frequency
  • Traditional pulsed signal output plus continuous signal output for quick tracing and depth measurement
  • Integrated accessory tray that can accommodate ALL the most common accessories
  • Extra long auxiliary Earth Lead included as standard
  • Extremely robust and weatherproof design

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