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Streamer PRO - Broadcast Live Streaming Video

by Mushroom Network, Canada
Streamer PRO
  • Stream live high quality video from anywhere
  • Stream from field directly to your choice of CDN or video server
  • Bond 3G / 4G wireless data cards for uninterrupted high quality video streaming

Streamer PRO is a 3G / 4G bonding device that can broadcast live streaming video directly from your camera to a video server / CDN (Content Delivery Network) of your choice. Since the video is streamed over the bonded 3G / 4G cards, your video stream can support your high quality video and will have unmatched professional level reliability.

Streamer PRO with camra

Webcasters can simply plug in the video feed from their camera or video switcher, add the USB modem cellular aircards to the Streamer PRO to broadcast live streaming video to their choice of CDN/video server. Streamer PRO will work transparently with your existing video streaming work-flow.


High quality streaming over bonded 3G / 4G wireless cards - Streamer PRO uses award winning 3G 4G bonding technology that is optimized to broadcast live streaming video over aggregated 3G / 4G wireless data cards. This provides higher quality video, such as higher resolution, higher frame rate as well as unmatched professional grade reliability.

Transparent setup - Streamer PRO is designed to simply slide into your video streaming work-flow without any change required. Simply plug in your camera into Streamer PRO, configure your destination video servers / CDNs (up to 3 simultaneous) and start streaming live.

Support for most types of video sources - Streamer PRO can support s-video, composite or optionally HDMI and SD-SDI / HD-SDI video inputs. Similar to Streamer, with Streamer PRO, you can also use your own video encoder or video switcher as a video feed.

Support for many video servers and CDNs - Streamer PRO supports all Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and video streaming servers. So you can broadcast live streaming video to your choice of CDN.

High Speed Internet access - When not streaming video, Streamer PRO doubles as a Broadband Bonding Network Appliance for high speed Internet access over the bonded 3G / 4G wireless cards for data applications.

Support for any service provider for 3G / 4G data cards - You can use cards from any carrier in any country. Please contact us for the latest list of supported data cards.

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